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An initiative by Audi Sweden

Help make life on the road safer by using Safety Code – a free code that will block your website or iOS app for all visitors using the phone while driving car.

Implement the code

Implement Safety Code

Safety Code is free and can be used on any website or iOS app. The code tracks the visitors’ GPS position and determines if they are driving. If going faster than 20 km/h, they will need to confirm that they are not the driver to continue to use the phone.

För iOS-appar

safetyCode = SafetyCode(options: [
  "title" : "Oops! You’re not driving are you?",
  "message" : "This app is speed locked for your own safety”,
  "actionTitle" : "I’m not the driver"

1. Download from GitHub

2. Add the package to your Xcode project and implement according to above.

For websites

<script src="https://safetycode.se/eng/audi-safety-code.min.js"></script>
(new audiSafetyCode()).run();

1. Copy Safety Code

2. Add the code snippet to your website’s script right before the tag. </body>. Your web server needs support for https.

3. All visitors moving faster than 20 km/h will now see the following message when entering your site.

Mobile phones and driving

Mobile phones and driving

Research shows that using your phone while driving increase the risk of getting into an accident by 300 %. With Safety Code, all websites can contribute to safer roads by reminding drivers to put down their phones.


A common behaviour

Even though a lot of people are aware of the risks, 8 out of 10 still use their phone while driving.

3,5 minutes per hour

The average driver spends 3,5 minutes on the phone during a one-hour trip.


20 times increased risk

Not keeping your eyes on the road can have dramatic consequences. Looking away for just two seconds will increase the risk of an accident by over 20 times.

Two basketball courts

When driving 90 km/h, two seconds is enough time to travel the length of two basketball courts.


Innovations to save lives

Innovations to save lives

Audi is constantly trying to make life on the road safer. Safety Code is just one of many innovations developed to save lives, you’ll find more of them in our cars. Below, we’ve listed a few. If you want to find more, visit audi.se


Cross Traffic Rear Assist

It will alert you when vehicles cross your blind spot and even activate the brakes if necessary. A great help when you’re reversing but only can see in your rear and side-view mirror.


quattro all-wheel-drive distributes the grip where it's needed, giving you the confidence to manoeuvre safely around wayward vehicles.



It warns you of objects in front, applying the brakes if necessary. Whether it's a pedestrian stepping into the road or a car that suddenly brakes.

Side Assist

When changing lanes, you may not see what's approaching from behind. Audi Side Assist use sensors to pick up who's in your blind spot and will alert you before you make your next move.


Matrix LED

Matrix LEDs anticipate oncoming traffic and corners. Dipping your main beam accordingly, or adjusting to fully illuminate the road as you take a bend.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control will slow down your vehicle, keeping you a safe distance from the car in front - even if it comes to a sudden stop. And when the traffic gets going again, the system accelerates to resume your cruising speed.